Hi! I'm Rob.

Since I can remember I was always drawn to the aesthetic side of things and that is why I developed a true zeal for design. I have created several designs in both 2D as well as 3D, but most recently I have been involved in web development as a front-end developer.

My Works

Web design, animation, level design, UI/UX, graphic design,
digital art, branding, game design.

3ds max // Bedroom detail

Adobe Illustrator // Composition

Corel Draw // CMS Scheme

Corel Draw // Web design

Adobe Photoshop // Bilboard

Adobe InDesign // Editorial

Oculus Rift // Virtual Reality

Adobe Illustrator // TBA Studio, Logo

Corel Draw // Web design, Branding

3ds Max // Big Fish, Animated Film

XNA Studio // The Suspense, Level design

Cry ENGINE 3 // Turtle Forest, Game design

Wordpress, Bootstrap // Malchem, Responsive Site

Responsive website // Interdyscyplinarni


Should you be interested or have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me via


or via any of the social platforms below